SR&ED Claims Filed with The CRA


SR&ED Claims Filed with the CRA

Product Description

Do you have your SR&ED claim ready to go?
Are ALL of the financials and technical sections finalized?
Has your corporate tax return already been filed by your accountant?
If so this option may be for you!

This package includes:
-Amending a previously filed corporate tax return to include Schedule T661
-Including up to two SR&ED related provincial schedules
-Submitting the amended return to the CRA
-If additional accounting work is required an hourly rate of $110 will be applied.

*Our average turn around time on this package is 5 business days
Rush service options may be available for an additional fee if workloads permit.

If your claim is not totally ready to file, we can still accommodate you to ensure that
ALL requirements are met
There will be additional financial consulting charges at a rate of $110 per hour

From $499

**Note: this service takes time, do not purchase this service and expect that the claim submission will be done immediately. If your year end was 17.5 months ago, please contact us before buying this service.

***We cannot guarantee CRA acceptance of any of SR&ED claim; no one can.